Dr. Lynda Ulrich

"Global Positive Media Mogul: Inspiring Change and Empowerment Through My TEDx Talks."

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About Dr. Lynda Ulrich


Lynda Ulrich is a global positive media mogul and the founder of the Goodness Exchange – THE place on the web for instant access to good news with no politics or ads.

She is a 3-time TEDx speaker, a media contributor, and a regular podcast guest, and has been interviewed live in the same hour as Michelle Obama and Rachel Ray by WGN Chicago.

As the host of the Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast, she interviews global thought leaders who are pointing to possibilities and perspectives that would put a spring in anyone's step.


Lynda has been leading her team at the Goodness Exchange since 2013, transforming the negative dialogue about our times through thousands of well researched pieces of content (articles, videos, podcasts, and collaborations).

She has a unique blend of fearless curiosity and the ability to combine unlikely things together, giving her the ability to see possibility everywhere.

Her goal is to bring people with good intention and good ideas together in a way that can open a new era – changing the future for all of us.


Lynda’s experience, expertise and knowledge make her a great potential podcast guest.

Her experience in the professional world and in the online world allows her to provide unique perspectives and insights into the world today.

Her 4 Simple Shifts offer a plan to find less fear and more joy in our online lives, and a path to cultivate what we are each uniquely built to contribute.

Her message is one of positivity, progress and possibility – one that we can all benefit from hearing.

Let Dr.

Lynda Ulrich inspire your audience with her stories and vision of the world.

Invite her on your podcast and uncover the Conspiracy of Goodness that is out there, well-hidden by the noise of our online lives.