Drasko Raicevic

"Helping entrepreneurs reach their next revenue milestone by mastering their mindset."

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About Drasko Raicevic

Drasko Raicevic is a Toronto based male entrepreneur, life coach, and speaker with a unique perspective on business.

He helps heart-centered entrepreneurs normalize their next revenue milestone without additional business complexity by mastering what's between their ears.

With a doctorate in Business Administration, experience in marketing and business strategy, and a passion for spirituality and self-improvement, Drasko is the perfect guest to appear on podcasts and dive into the question, “Are my business problems actually 'me' problems?” Drasko is comfortable speaking on topics related to business, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, spirituality, mental health and more.

His background, expertise, and knowledge make him a great potential podcast guest.

He is available to appear on remote shows during weekdays with the equipment of a USB/External Microphone and webcam.

If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable speaker to help your podcast audience understand the link between business problems and themselves, Drasko Raicevic is the perfect guest.

His unique perspective, insight and experience can provide your podcast audience with valuable information and assistance to help them with their own business problems.