Elena Saris

Semi-retired attorney and stand-up comic turned entrepreneur teaches online business success.

About Elena Saris

Elena Saris is a semi-retired criminal defense attorney, former stand-up comic and 7-figure e-commerce seller.

She has an impressive career path that includes 25 years as a deputy public defender in Los Angeles, followed by her pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams and financial freedom.

Elena has experience drop shipping, running Shopify stores, KDP book publishing and affiliate marketing.

She is passionate about helping people get started or grow their online business, especially those over 45.

Elena has written a book called Creating An Online Income Stream, which details all the main ways people are making money online and gives an honest look into each opportunity.

Elena is an energetic and engaging speaker who is passionate about helping people, and she is the co-founder of the Create Profits Online Mastermind, an active community of online sellers who are starting and growing their own online businesses.

She would be a fantastic guest on any podcast, bringing her unique blend of expertise, experience, and knowledge to the conversation.

Her ability to entertain while educating makes her a great choice for any podcast looking for a truly engaging speaker.