Elizabeth Monroy

"Embrace your potential and unlock your infinite potential - you are the New Human!"

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About Elizabeth Monroy

Elizabeth Monroy is an inspirational speaker, international author, film maker, and visionary artist with a passion for teaching and empowering individuals to bring out their highest and most authentic potential.

With a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and experience in alternative healing modalities, Elizabeth is dedicated to helping individuals reach their highest levels of well-being.

Having traveled the world with her twin soul and board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist husband, Elizabeth has been able to bring her unique teaching to life in books like The Magical Mist and The Chronicles of MerWorld.

Her latest book, The Infinite Human, is an ascension guide for awakening infinite human beings, star seeds, twin souls, and co-creators of the Infinite New 5D Earth.

Elizabeth has also founded the Infinite Human School for Visionaries of the New Consciousness Renaissance in Florence, Italy which focuses on the creation of conscious media.

With fluency in both English and Italian, and a wealth of experience, Elizabeth is an ideal podcast guest.

Her compelling pitch speaks to the potential of all individuals, and her message of the emergence of a new infinite human is one that has been resonating with listeners everywhere.

Inviting Elizabeth onto your podcast will bring a heart-centered, informative, and uplifting energy to your audience.