Ellis Mbeh

Meme-maker turned digital marketer: Making social media work for you.

About Ellis Mbeh

Ellis Mbeh is an experienced social media and digital marketing specialist with an impressive background.

He got his start in the industry after going viral during a historic moment in wrestling (WWE) history.

After that, he worked for a social media marketing agency, helping brands such as AMCTV, Fandango, HEB, Krusteaz and SeaWorld reach their full potential.

He then went on to become the Social Media Marketing Strategist for GEICO, managing the brand's event activations, extensions, partnerships and advertising integrations.

Ellis is now the founder and principal of Pivotal New Media, a digital consulting firm that helps businesses leverage digital to reach their goals.

Ellis is an ideal podcast guest due to his expertise in social media and digital marketing, as well as his unique experience in the industry.

His knowledge is invaluable for any podcast focused on digital marketing, and he can also provide a unique insight into the wrestling industry.

With his vast experience and business development skills, Ellis can provide a valuable perspective to any podcast.