Emmanuel Orji

Emmanuel is a bag of talent with versatile ability. He is gifted divinely with words, texts and lyrics-- a preacher, gospel artiste, author.

About Emmanuel Orji

Orji, Emmanuel Onyekachi, also known as Kach'co Inter, is a lad with a divine mandate to reach out to the young generation--his generation.

To give them a redirection, a deep sense of purpose that will cause them to stand out, swim against the evil tide of this world and live fully for Christ even in a time like this.

He is the founder and pioneer president of the youth team--Youthful For Christ,through which this mandate is carried.

Onyekachi is a bag of talent with versatile ability.

He is also equipped and gifted divinely with words, texts and lyrics--(he is a preacher, a writer and a gospel artiste--with over 50+ songs written and composed by him) His study of Philosophy among others, and his knowledge of the Bible has made him become what could be regarded as a 'Biblosopher'.

And from this stand point, he has written many Christian content and articles published both on web and magazines.

And some other books that would soon be on the lookout once they are in print.

Kach'co Inter is a fanatic for Christ.

He has passion for helping people get things done in a more excellent way.

He is single, an entrepreneur, a life coach and a top mentor.