Eric Farber

"Max Katz, Founder and CEO of Creators' Legal: Delivering Entertainment Lawyer in a Box for the Creator Economy."

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About Eric Farber

Eric Farber is a nationally-recognized sports and entertainment lawyer and former development executive from Oakland, California.

With over 18 years of experience representing hundreds of athletes and high profile entertainment properties, including the Tupac Shakur Estate, Eric is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment business.

His experience in the field is complemented by his service as a former professor of entrepreneurship at the Studio School in Los Angeles and Commissioner of the Arts in Oakland.

In addition to his legal expertise, Eric has authored the bestselling book The Case for Culture which examines the importance of company culture in business.

Most recently, Eric founded Creators' Legal, a venture-backed startup to bring legal services to the creator economy.

He has earned the title of “Entertainment Lawyer in a Box” from Daily Variety.

As a seasoned legal and business expert, Eric is the perfect podcast guest for any show interested in discussing the entertainment industry, entrepreneurship, or legal issues.

His extensive experience and knowledge in the field, coupled with his engaging personality and thought-provoking insights, make him an ideal guest for any podcast.

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