Faith James

Live for the mic: Globally minded speaker igniting conversations that matter.

About Faith James

Faith James is the award-winning Queen of Branding or the Branding Ninja, with over 25+ years of experience creating branding and communications campaigns for some of the biggest companies like IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Mary Kay and Liberty Mutual.

She is a 2x international best selling author and a certified Personal and Social Branding Strategist, and the CEO of the Personal Branding Consultancy, LLC.

Faith is an experienced speaker at various industry events, and is the creator of the Branding Over Brunch Event, Branding Over Lunch Workshop, Branding Over the Internet Networking sessions and the Brand Accelerator online course.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of branding, Faith is an ideal candidate to be a great podcast guest.

She has an infectious enthusiasm for the topic of branding and is sure to engage audiences with her insights and experience.

She is also available to record remotely as she has built in microphone and webcam capabilities.