Frank Forencich

"Unlock the power of a unique voice to address human stress and our environmental crisis."

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About Frank Forencich

Frank Forencich is an esteemed speaker and thought leader in the realms of human biology, health, and the human predicament.

He has a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University and is a member of the Council of Directors of the True Health Initiative.

He also holds a black belt rank in karate and aikido and has traveled to Africa several times to study human origins.

Frank is the author of numerous books relating to health and the human predicament, including Beware False Tigers (October 2021), The Sapience Curriculum, The Exuberant Animal Experience, and others.

He has made presentations at the Ancestral Health Symposium, Google, Dr.

Robert Conn Heart Conference, Stanford University Institute of Design, Bastyr University, and more.

Frank Forencich is an amazing podcast guest with a unique voice, especially focused on the human predicament, stress, and our ecological crisis.

He has a great depth of knowledge and experience that can provide a unique perspective and interesting insights for listeners.

His impressive resume and expertise in the fields of human biology, health, and the human predicament make him a great potential podcast guest.