Frank Ring

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About Frank Ring

Frank Ring is an experienced professional with expertise in health, fitness, mindset, and creative benefits of walking.

He is a teacher and Cross-County coach, and has an impressive athletic history playing baseball, basketball, running cross country, and lifting weights.

He is the author of three books on the health and fitness benefits of walking, and his website Walking for Health and Fitness offers two walking programs as well as eating and fitness guidance.

Frank has a powerful message for any podcast audience - a message inspired by his own experience of back pain, a herniated disk diagnosis, and his subsequent recovery and discovery of the immense benefits of walking.

He has a deep understanding of the health, fitness, and lifestyle benefits of walking, and his own inspiring story has allowed him to develop creative content that has engaged and inspired audiences.

Frank is an ideal podcast guest, equipped with studio quality microphone and webcam, and available for remote interviews weekdays and weekends.

His experience, expertise, and knowledge of the health and fitness benefits of walking make him a great potential podcast guest, able to provide valuable advice and an inspiring story to the show's audience.