Gary Laney

Leaders are made, not born!

About Gary Laney

Grew up in a family-run business where I like to say, I achieved and gained my first MBA.

I also achieved an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg.

My professional background spans 35 years of corporate leadership in commercial publishing and hi-tech software.

My experience was all leadership except for my first year and in roles in sales, business development, marketing, and the office of the president.

In 2004 I pursued my entrepreneurial roots and have never looked back.

I've been fortunate to be involved in 20 different businesses in my career, one of which I helped go public, many of them startups, and 12 of them my businesses.

In 2020, I began writing books on themes I have taught throughout my career such as entrepreneurship, also self-development in areas such as influence, business networking, and leadership.

Today I spend my time advising, coaching, and speaking on the same topics.

My hobbies are music, singing, hiking, and spending time with my family.