Giacomo Balli

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About Giacomo Balli

Based in San Francisco and originally from Florence, Italy, Giacomo Balli is a seasoned mobile technology specialist and entrepreneurial product manager with a robust background in business and technology.

Holding both an MBA and a Master's in Luxury Management, Giacomo has made significant strides in the tech industry, working with a diverse range of companies from Fortune 100 giants to innovative startups and solo founders.

Throughout his career, Giacomo has demonstrated a profound ability to blend strategic business insights with technical expertise.

He has been instrumental in advising companies on digital transformation, driving innovation, and developing mobile applications tailored to enhance user experiences.

As an adjunct college professor and a former CTO for multiple startups, Giacomo brings a wealth of knowledge and a holistic approach to technology solutions, often serving as a critical bridge between technical teams and business leaders.

His passion for creating impactful products and his expertise in managing cross-functional teams make him a compelling speaker and a trusted advisor in the technology space.