Gule Sheikh

"Achievement-driven tech innovator: Former entrepreneur of successful healthtech software, voted best telehealth provider, interviewed by Melinda Gates."

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About Gule Sheikh

Gule Sheikh is an experienced technology professional with over 23 years of experience in the field and 12 years in the healthcare industry.

She is a passionate innovator who is committed to bridging the gap between healthcare and technology.

Gule is a former entrepreneur and Co-Founder and CTO of eazyScripts, a top telehealth software provider.

She developed the first proprietary algorithm for medication price transparency in the United States and was even interviewed by Melinda Gates for her work.

After 7 years of successful operations, the company was acquired and sold successfully.

Gule is passionate about health IT innovations, data strategy, customer success, and solving healthcare problems.

She is knowledgeable about startups, artificial intelligence, medical technology, emerging technologies, customer experience, entrepreneurship, life coaching, and self-improvement.

She is also well-equipped with a USB / External Microphone and webcam and is available for remote interviews on both weekdays and weekends.

Gule Sheikh is the perfect podcast guest, having been a successful entrepreneur in the healthcare software industry and having been interviewed by the renowned Melinda Gates.

Her extensive experience in technology and healthcare, as well as her knowledge of innovation, strategy, and customer success makes her uniquely qualified to provide listeners with valuable insights and lessons.

Her enthusiasm and passion for health IT innovations and solving healthcare problems will leave your audience inspired and motivated to make positive change.