Henry Yampolsky

Empowering transformative dialogue: Conflict Resolution Expert, Best-Selling Author and TEDx Speaker.

About Henry Yampolsky

Henry Yampolsky is a world-renowned expert in conflict resolution, best-selling author, and multi-time TEDx Speaker.

As Assistant Director for Education, Outreach, and Conflict Resolution at Virginia Tech's Office for Equity and Accessibility and teaching at Virginia Tech's Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention, he has worked with hundreds of complex conflicts and has taught and lectured around the world.

He has authored the critically acclaimed book Dis-Solving Conflict from Within: an Inner Path for Conflict Transformation, which introduces a mindfulness-based paradigm for responding to conflict.

He has given two TEDx talks which have garnered thousands of views, one about his motorcycle journey across the Himalayas and the other about radical compassion as the goal of conflict resolution.

He is also a master-level instructor of Sattva Yoga, trained at the birthplace of Yoga, in Rishikesh, India.

Henry Yampolsky would be a great potential podcast guest due to his extensive experience, expertise and knowledge in the field of conflict resolution.

He is a best-selling author, multi-time TEDx Speaker, and master-level instructor of Sattva Yoga.

His two TEDx talks have gained thousands of views and his book is considered critically acclaimed.

He has a wealth of knowledge to share on the topics of conflict resolution, mediation, peacebuilding, and radical compassion, and his background as a former award-winning trial lawyer and international studies degree from the University of Scranton make him a well-rounded guest.

He is also equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam, and is available for both in-person and remote interviews.