Imani Sankofa

"Experience the power of self-love with an Inspirational Teacher: manifesting your dream life is within reach."

About Imani Sankofa

Imani Sankofa is a female inspirational teacher located in Fort Lauderdale, United States.

She is a former teenage mom who went on to become a transactional attorney for over 23 years.

Imani recently quit her job and moved to a different country to pursue her childhood dreams.

As an inspirational teacher she helps women honor the love within through her podcast, Sacred Love Lessons.

She has also published two books, Life By Design: Create A Life You Love and Honor The Love Within: Your Pathway to Self Love and Success.

Imani is a compelling guest for any podcast interested in tackling the topics of life coaching, self-improvement, spirituality, relationships, and LGBTQIA+.

She is fluent in English and equipped with a built in microphone and webcam, making her a great fit for remote podcasts.

She is available for recordings on weekdays.

Imani Sankofa is an inspirational teacher who is passionate about helping women honor the love within and manifest the life of their dreams.

With 23 years of legal experience, two published books, and a podcast, she has the expertise to provide meaningful insight and a unique perspective in any podcast episode.

She is the perfect guest for any podcast interested in discussing life coaching, self-improvement, relationships, and LGBTQIA+ topics.