Isabella Braveheart

Unlock courage and creativity with international performance artist, playwright, and expressionist.

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About Isabella Braveheart

Isabella Braveheart is an international performance artist, playwright, and expressionist who uses courageous self-expression to heal and to thrive.

She has been in the transformational arts and lifestyle for almost 20 years and is known for her gritty, graphic, explicit and evocative art and brand.

Isabella has written and toured Pilgrimage of EmBODYment, a one-woman show about her journey from unconsciousness to awakening, and BODY, a play about the death of feminine wisdom manifesting in body obsession and eating disorders.

Isabella is an experienced entrepreneur who takes people through a process of transforming some of their deepest pains into power and purpose through writing and performing monologues about their life in her Naked Truth program, as well as self-expression programs that focus on becoming courageously expressed through truth-telling in all areas of life.

She privately works with select high performing, successful men to expand pleasure, power and purpose through deepening energetic, emotional and emotional intimacy.

Isabella is available and excited to talk about truth-telling in art, relationships, family dynamics, community, politically and professionally.

She has the necessary equipment (webcam and built in microphone) and is available both in-person or remotely on weekdays and weekends.

Isabella Braveheart is an experienced artist and entrepreneur who has a unique perspective and valuable insight on the topics of self-expression, truth-telling, and personal transformation.

Her powerful life story and her commitment to creating a more connected and compassionate humanity make her a great potential podcast guest.

Let her help your listeners explore the depths of the human experience and transform their own lives with her courage and wisdom.