Jackie Tantillo

"Discover how your mother shaped who you are today with the \"Should Have Listened To My Mother Podcast\" host!"

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About Jackie Tantillo

Jackie Tantillo is a female broadcaster and experienced content producer with four decades of experience in radio, on camera talent, voice over talent and acting instructor.

She has had a successful career in radio, working as a stringer for the ABC Rock Network and interviewing many charismatic music icons.

In addition, Jackie has also worked at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY.

Jackie holds a Mass Media degree from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, and has a passion for Kids & Family, Music, Nature, Religion & Spirituality, Sports, Health & Fitness, Society & Culture, and Relationships.

She has a vast knowledge of these topics that she has gathered through her personal and professional experiences.

Jackie is also an amazing storyteller, having been born overseas and being the youngest of seven children.

Jackie is currently hosting her own podcast, Should Have Listened To My Mother Podcast, which focuses on the mother-daughter and mother-son relationships and how they shape us as individuals.

Her conversations with her guests from around the world are captivating and inspiring.

Jackie is a great potential podcast guest as she is an experienced broadcaster and content producer, a great storyteller, and has a great passion for various topics.

She is equipped with a studio quality microphone and is available on weekdays.

With her knowledge and expertise, she is sure to make for an interesting and entertaining guest on any podcast.