Jeanne Omlor

"Helping coaches and consultants scale to high 6-7 figures without ads, tech, or drama - that's what I do!"

About Jeanne Omlor

Jeanne Omlor is an experienced business coach and consultant from Cincinnati, United States.

She has been providing coaching services for the past 11 years and in the last three years, she has been able to scale her business to over $2 million by taking her services online.

Jeanne is a 54-year-old solo parent who managed to crack the code of organic marketing and what she refers to as the “Beyond Mindset.” Jeanne is fluent in English and French and is passionate about arts, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and life coaching.

She is equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam to carry out remote sessions, and is available for podcasts on weekdays.

Jeanne is an ideal podcast guest, as she has years of experience in the coaching industry and the success she has achieved speaks for itself.

Her expertise in organic marketing and the “Beyond Mindset” makes her an excellent source of knowledge and advice.

She can provide valuable insight into the key elements of scaling a business and achieving success.

Her compelling story of success against the odds is sure to be a hit for podcast audiences.