Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

"Learn how to attract your partner with ease from a dating coach who went from single to married in a single night!"

About Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci is an experienced dating and relationship coach and author of the book “Be the Soul Mate you Want to Attract” and creator/co-host of Dating is Such a Drag Podcast.

She helps singles live their happiest, most purposeful life before they date, so their partner’s arrival is icing on an already delicious, decadent cake!

Jeanne encourages clients to use the pandemic as an opportunity to confront how their dating strategy wasn’t serving them, and how to shift and raise their vibration so they magnetize better matches they deserve.

Jeanne also shares her story of how she shifted her dating approach and attracted her husband literally overnight, despite being called a “confirmed spinster”--middle-aged, 300 pounds and having an “intimidating” personality.

Through a signature six-step process, Jeanne walks her private and group coaching clients through powerful, mindful exercises to help them practice self-forgiveness, identify negative relationship patterns, and release mid-life dating myths and limiting beliefs.

She teaches them how to understand their essential needs, own their boundaries, “brand” themselves more creatively and authentically online, unleash their powerful alter-ego to gain confidence and boost attractiveness, and how to date more effectively so the process is more fun rather than a chore.

Jeanne Billeci stands out for her ability to help her clients step into their sovereignty and accelerate their soul mate attraction journey, helping them attract the right person faster.

With her unique experience and expertise, she would be an amazing podcast guest to discuss how to release resistance and attract a partner, including how she flew her freak flag and magnetized her mate overnight.