Jeannine Kim

Empowering you with 23+ years of intuitive & practical support in wholistic health, astrology, yoga & more from a former IPO Trader turned MYSTIC.

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About Jeannine Kim

Jeannine Kim is an experienced and passionate mystic, intuitive healer, 5D astrologer, medium, teacher, yoga instructor, and holistic health practitioner.

With over 23 years in her field, Jeannine has supported clients worldwide in dissolving their trauma and activating their masteries, showing them that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

Her belief is that everything is energy first, and her vision is to share and teach others how to bring the "spiritual" down to earth in practical measures, empowering all aspects of their lives.

Jeannine is an excellent potential podcast guest.

Her deep knowledge and understanding of wholistic health, astrology, yoga, and more, combined with her experience as a intuitive healer, gives her a unique perspective on spirituality and self-improvement.

She has the ability to bring profound spiritual truths down to earth and provide practical guidance to her listeners.

Additionally, her personal stories are sure to captivate her audience and motivate them to take action in their own lives.