Jennoa Graham

Smart, relatable, and unafraid to tell it like it is: I'm your next speaker!

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About Jennoa Graham


Jennoa Graham, also known as Dr.

GNP (Dr.

Graham-in-Purpose), has a passion for helping people save time and money.

She is an international public speaker, author, professor, and adjunct executive team leader, with 20 years of combined multinational corporate accounting and consulting experience.

She has a pleasant mix of intelligence and down to earth relatability, and has no filter in her direct truth to make you laugh.

She is the founder of the Educational Debt Cancellation Foundation (EDCF) and Utilitarian Financial Consulting Corporation (UFCC), two organizations grounded in the pillars of her core values.


Jennoa Graham is an excellent potential podcast guest, with her years of experience and expertise in corporate accounting and consulting.

She has an abundance of knowledge and insight about financial matters and the business world, as well as an understanding of personal finance and mental health.

She's a great speaker, with her combination of intelligence and relatability, and has a drive to help others succeed.

Her direct truth and no-filter approach to topics provides great entertainment and a unique perspective.