Jill Wright

Time management & mindset expert empowering moms to align with their goals.

About Jill Wright

Jill Wright is a Canadian-based Time Management Guru, Mindset Mentor, and Alignment Coach for moms.

She uses her podcast, Grow Like a Mother, to help moms reconnect to themselves and enrich their lives outside of being a mom.

Through her podcast, Jill helps moms prioritize themselves and go for their own dreams and goals.

Jill has an upcoming book that she is passionate about and can speak about topics such as meditation practices, parenting challenges, goal setting, and more.

Jill Wright is the perfect speaker for your podcast.

She has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of mindset shifts, meditation, parenting, goal setting, and more.

She is passionate about her topics and her enthusiasm and energy will make your podcast more engaging and interesting for your listeners.

Jill is a great guest to have on your podcast because she is knowledgeable and her content is always informative and inspiring.