Joakim Walstad

With proven techniques, I lead with compassion to unlock your potential without adding more stress. Gain peace, empowerment & achieve goals

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About Joakim Walstad

Are you feeling sad about starting your day?

Is work or business draining your energy, and is this slowly becoming too much?

Maybe you regret wasting your time?

I've been there, and I've made it my life's mission to hold space for others and help them stop suffering through a set of proven, easy techniques.

I am not your traditional coach, I lead with my heart, and I know that pushing you to do more is not the right path.

I believe that to have a good start, we need to slowly unpack everything that's holding you back and unlock your full potential without adding to your plate.

If this resonates with you, book a free, easy, and fun session with me!

I am super excited to be of service and to bring more peace and empowerment into your day!

Many find themselves held back by the weight of negative thoughts, trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage that leaves them unfulfilled and unhappy.

I am a coach, and I guide you to rise above the inner critic and doubt, and empower you to embrace your true potential, and gain a stronger sense of purpose and mastery.

Elevate yourself above low self-esteem and imposter syndrome so you can trust yourself and live out your true potential, as the person you are meant to be.

You doubt yourself, letting the inner critic talk you down.

You are wearing a happy mask, but on the inside, you feel sad, frustrated and disappointed with yourself because you think you are worthless.

You blame yourself for the past believing your future is doomed to be like the past because you are getting older and older and older and you don’t see any way for things to change.

Put yourself in the best possible state, annihilate any limiting thoughts or beliefs so that you can become the best version of yourself, doing more, being more and serving even more.

Start your journey towards freedom, peace and empowerment today.

My career started out with 10 years in the armed forces.

Since have I empowered people around the world to overcome self-sabotage and the constant battle of imposter syndrome.

The silent struggles, the inner critic is holding you back, and the feeling of being stuck—I help you break free.

I Specialize In: 🚀 Silencing the inner critic 🎯 Defining your purpose and identity 💡 Integrating values for lasting change 🔥 Igniting confidence and consistent action