John Gale

20 years of tech experience, 12 in Silicon Valley: perfect for high-tech startups.

About John Gale

John Gale is a highly experienced management consultant with 20 years of experience working with startups, 12 of those in Silicon Valley.

He has co-founded 2 B2B startups and held the position of VP Biz Dev for 2 other startups.

He is also a founding Board Member for another and a Board Member of the Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs.

His expertise also includes M&A, as he was VP in an M&A unit within Thomson.

He is currently a part-time Advisor in the London Office of Boardroom Advisors.

John is an excellent potential podcast guest due to his expertise and knowledge in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, technology, and management.

His 20 years of experience working with startups and 12 years in Silicon Valley are invaluable for any podcast looking to explore the world of Hitech startups.

He also has the necessary equipment for a remote podcast interview, including USB/External Microphone and Webcam, and is available during weekdays.

With his vast experience and knowledge, John is an ideal guest to bring valuable insights to any podcast.