Joseph Santana

Equity and inclusion in the age of tech disruption: a journey for all.

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About Joseph Santana

Meet Joseph Santana – a dynamic and disruptive speaker with expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Joseph brings years of experience as a leader of a 300-employee IT outsourcing organization, a diversity officer, and a futurist to the table.

He is a published author and a podcast host with an exuberant personality that will keep your listeners engaged and listening.

Joseph is the Chairman of The CDO PowerCircle, a 21st-century development association for DEI leaders, and the creator and host of the ERG PowerTalk podcast.

He is passionate about helping organizations achieve economic success through DEI initiatives and developing a new set of skills for DEI leaders.

Joseph is a keen observer and can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every conversation he takes part in.

Joseph is a great guest for any business podcast looking to discuss DEI.

He can help the audience to understand why DEI is increasingly vital to the economic success of organizations and what new skills DEI leaders need in the 21st-century.

He also shares his insights on current and future business-impacting uses for DEI, as well as how to swap out AI biases.

Book Joe Santana for your next podcast and you won't be disappointed!

With his passionate and engaging style, Joe will inform, educate and entertain your listeners.

He will give them practical insights on how to produce equity and inclusion in the constantly evolving and disruptive age of AI, robots, a new workforce, and multiverses.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have Joe on your show – book him today!