Judith Joy

Fun, engaging and inspiring: Judith, Author, Manifestation & Dream Creation Coach, and Healer.

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About Judith Joy

Judith Joy is an author, manifestation coach, inspirational speaker, dream creation coach, and healer, who began studying energy healing and consciousness transformation after her own experience with recurring debilitating headaches.

After years of getting no results from traditional medicine, she began researching alternative methods which is when she found a path to ease her suffering.

Judith has been studying and researching how the heart and mind work together for the last 20 years and has shared her knowledge and passion with others.

She is available to speak on a multitude of topics including parenting, writing, journaling, creativity, manifesting the life you dream of, discovering your perfect partner and of course her own story of transforming her own life.

With her fun and engaging personality, she will be a perfect podcast guest to add an interesting twist to any topic.

Judith Joy is experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate.

With her expertise, she can provide a valuable perspective and share unique stories to make any podcast interesting and engaging.

She is a great potential podcast guest who will bring fresh insights, perspective, and expertise to any topic.