"Empowering listeners to build self-confidence and banish insecurities to enjoy life."



Julwel Kenney is an experienced and renowned speaker with over 20 years of experience in the Training and Development arena.

She is a certified Change Management Professional, DISC Behavior Coach, Certified Master Executive Coach, and holds a Ph.

D. in Educational Psychology, specializing in Training and Performance Improvement.

Her expertise is in “people and organizational development” and she has published three books about “leadership and personal transformation”.


Kenney is passionate about empowering individuals to combat insecurity, self-doubt, procrastination, and imposter syndrome by building their self-confidence and enjoying life.

She has created a 90-day online course, “Overcome Self-Doubt and Procrastination”, where she teaches her clients to know and understand their self-worth, personal value, say “no” without feeling bad, and build their confidence through life challenges.


Kenney is an engaging speaker who is comfortable speaking to both high-level executives and large audiences.

Her services will add tremendous value to any organization and she will help motivate individuals to take the limits off and excel.

With her expertise in personal and organizational development and her ability to empower and motivate audiences, Dr.

Kenney is an excellent potential podcast guest.

She has a wealth of knowledge to share that can help listeners better understand self-confidence and how to embrace change to reach their goals.

Her story and advice will be invaluable to podcast listeners looking to learn more about personal and professional development.