Kevin McShan

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About Kevin McShan

Kevin McShan is a motivating speaker and disability advocate from Windsor, Canada.

He is a graduate of St.

Clair College’s Journalism, Print and New Media Program and has spent the last decade promoting employment equality for individuals with disabilities.

He has worked with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to create the Discover Ability Network website, a job matching portal for employers and job seekers with a disability.

He also was the driving force behind the WEareAble Project, a 13-month initiative in Windsor-Essex aimed to educate local business and hiring managers about the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.

Kevin has a wealth of experience in the sports journalism industry, having produced over 300 interview and commentary podcasts through 2Man Advantage.

He has interviewed prominent and accomplished coaches, athletes and television personalities in Michigan and Ontario.

As an Assignment Reporter with CFTV34, he gained the confidence and notoriety to expand his media presence.

Kevin has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for his efforts in promoting inclusion for people with disabilities, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Community Excellence Award from Community Living Essex, and the Influential Advocate Award from Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario.

Kevin McShan is an excellent potential podcast guest for any show discussing news, sports or politics.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about disability inclusion, making him an excellent source of information and insight.

His story is inspiring and his passion for disability awareness is contagious.

He has an inspiring story to tell and is committed to challenging others to reach their fullest potential.