Koen Geron

Experience the power of Online Dating Management with Hovalo's Founder! Over 300K followers on Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

About Koen Geron

Koen Geron is a male based in New York City, United States, fluent in both English and Dutch, Flemish.

He is the founder of Hovalo, a unique company that does Online Dating Management and has over 300k+ followers across Tiktok/Instagram/YT/LinkedIn.

Koen has extensive experience with texting and online dating, and can offer valuable insights on how the market works and the biggest mistakes people make that stop them from finding true love.

In addition to his experience in the dating market, Koen also has a strong background in business.

He can speak about the challenges of bootstrapping a service-based business, finding the right marketing channel with a unique product, and lessons learned from having affiliate websites.

Koen is an engaging speaker with great production quality, making him a perfect podcast guest.

He is also willing to make 2-6 shorts that he can post across his channels that have a combined total of 300k+ followers, and can even offer free profile reviews to help your audience out.

Koen Geron is an excellent podcast guest with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the dating and business realms.

He is a compelling speaker with great production quality, and would be a great asset to any podcast.

He is also willing to offer free profile reviews and create content for your channels to help boost your audience engagement.