Kym Hamilton

"Joyce Dales, CEO of Buzzagogo—the maker of Cold Bee Gone Nasal Swab Remedy, a honey-based remedy for the common cold!"

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About Kym Hamilton

Kym Hamilton is a female health and wellness expert and CEO of Buzzagogo, the maker of Cold Bee Gone Nasal Swab Remedy.

Kym and her husband Jeffrey adopted a daughter from Vietnam, who was recovering from emergency open-heart surgery due to a legacy defect attributed to Agent Orange.

This experience inspired Kym to create Cold Bee Gone, a homeopathic, proprietary super honey blend that swabs in the nose to fight cold and flu symptoms, while also enhancing the nasal biome and immune function.

Kym is a strong believer in the importance of nasal immune health, and has seen tremendous growth in her company, Buzzagogo, due to the pandemic creating shortages of mainstream products.

Kym has four products in 10,000 stores, including CVS, TJMaxx, and Marshalls.

Kym Hamilton is a highly knowledgeable guest for any podcast looking to discuss health and wellness.

With her experience in both boosting the immune system and adoption, she is able to provide unique insights and perspectives.

Kym has the knowledge to bring to any health and wellness podcast, and her Cold Bee Gone Nasal Swab Remedy has proven to be a lifesaver for many during the pandemic.

Her experience and expertise make her the perfect guest to discuss not only the importance of nasal immune health, but also the struggles of parenting with an immunocompromised child.

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