Laura Hartley

Activist and Founder of an online school inspiring changemakers to detox from oppressive systems and create positive change.

SpiritualitySocial Sciences
About Laura Hartley

Laura Hartley is an experienced professional with an extensive background in social and political activism.

She is the founder of Public Love Enterprises, a liberatory space and online school that helps changemakers to get free, dismantle oppressive systems, gain power to make real change, and find their purpose in this time.

She focuses on the “inner work” of social change – personal development with a systems and political lens.

Her areas of expertise include self work as world work, healing burnout cycles and cultural detoxing, internalised capitalism, power and how to claim it, wield it and get comfortable using it, embodiment, mindfulness and somatics, eco-anxiety and climate emotions, community, purpose and politics as embodied spirituality.

Laura is a knowledgeable and articulate speaker who has a passion for social change and improving the world.

She is a great potential podcast guest for conversations on any of the topics mentioned, and her enthusiasm and energy will no doubt keep listeners engaged.