Leann Wolff

"Unlock your unique Human Design to create abundance, attract clients and live life with purpose."

About Leann Wolff

Leann Wolff is a Human Design Professional and BG5 Business Consultant based in Edmonton, Canada.

She has over 8 years of experience helping service based entrepreneurs use their own Human Design to create wealth, attract clients and live abundantly on purpose.

Leann seeks to empower individuals through education and application of the Human Design System, allowing them to live their life on purpose and fulfill their purpose, all of which can be found in simply three pieces of data - birth date, birth (precise) time and birth place.

Leann is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker, having a deep understanding of the Human Design System and its potential to help individuals live a more meaningful life.

She is also an experienced coach, having helped many people become successful entrepreneurs and create wealth for themselves.

Leann is the perfect podcast guest for anyone looking to discuss Human Design Systems, the importance of self-improvement, spirituality, and business and career success.

With her wealth of experience and knowledge, she can provide valuable insights to any podcast listeners.

Her passion to empower others and willingness to share her expertise make her a great potential podcast guest.