Levi Moon

Divebar-chic owner & creator of new recipes

About Levi Moon

I’ve got one of those, long stories.

I started in the service industry as a barista going to elementary school, that’s right, I went to career day as a barista.

A ‘boyrista’ if you will (yes, I have a pic), and it was kind of because I just loved hot cocoa and wanted to make one.

Flash forward, I was a barista for a decade near Seattle, consultant in Portland, owned a drive through coffee stand for 2.5 years, barista competitor, coffee podcast host, all of which landed me a role as the Liquid Chef to a coffee syrup brand for 7.5 years.

While there at DaVinci Gourmet syrups I made recipes and traveled the world supporting our sales teams.

I got to make drinks with multiple World Barista Championships contestants, speak in front of thousands, and land menu concepts into magazines and global food accounts.

It really was something.

But, as these things happen, the industry called me back.

To be a dish washer.

To be a janitor and repairman.

To fix a building from the 1800’s that’s had a bar in it since the 70’s.

As luck would have it, I also used to be a roofer and electrician apprentice (another long story).

So during the 2020 lockdown, I demolished and restored an old bar.

Now that’s my bar.

It’s my solo job.

I train staff, create menus, and do all the dirty work.

It’s constant work, but I love it.

The bar is named 5BAR, because it sounds like “dive bar” and we cater to all the 5 senses, while balancing the 5 perceptions of taste.

It’s a bar full of grandma-like decor, scratch bar food, and a little corgi named Lady who always wants treats.

The 2024 project?

Restoring a 30,000sq ft church into an event space.