Liam Austin

Co-Founder at - I help experts get more visibility, authority and clients

About Liam Austin

After educating over 100,000 entrepreneurs to start and grow a business, Liam is now focused on helping entrepreneurs spread their message through digital media.

His new platform Talks, facilitates the connection of shows and their guests.

Liam's entrepreneurial spark was ignited at Macquarie University when he was tasked with growing strategic partnerships for one of the top tech startups in Sydney, Soulmates Technology.

This foray into tech led me to begin building and running my own businesses online to varying degrees of success.

For 4 successive years I juggled my study and business with being a professional football (soccer) player in Australia's national competition playing for Wollongong Wolves and Sydney United.

Liam's distinct business development and sales acumen have seen him traverse continents, from Australia to Europe and the USA.

His diverse experience includes transforming a 70-year-old print publication into a thriving national events program, launching digital products, and spearheading a multimillion-dollar revenue drive for an ASX-listed company.

As a business growth strategist, Liam's focus is on empowering individuals to enhance their authority, expand their audience, build influential networks, generate additional income, and create lasting impact.

He also founded Entrepreneurs HQ, a small business community that has over 300,000 members.

The community regularly features experts discussing vital business topics, while also providing a stage for partners to gain exposure and revenue through virtual events.

Liam's accomplishments have been recognized in various publications, including BRW, The Australian, Inc, and Startup Smart.

His startups have achieved significant accolades, including a top 5 ranking at Sydstart 2014 and first place in the "Skillsapien Pitch to Silicon Valley Series 2014," which earned him a trip to Silicon Valley.