Lily Patrascu

"Transform the world and elevate your personal brand with my 60 day book writing and publishing services!"

About Lily Patrascu

Lily Patrascu is a highly accomplished personal branding specialist, mentor and author currently based in London.

She is the founder of “Brand For Speakers” and co-founder of “Speakers Are Leaders”, and has been featured on Globovision TV, Ecco Peru, Crea Digital, Red Digital, and on the cover of Business Fit Magazine.

She is an expert in helping people write and publish transformative books in 60 days and elevating their personal brand.

Lily has empowered over 10,000 people - from women with low resources to financial institutions and politicians - to enhance their image and attract more business, share their message with the world, and monetise their knowledge.

She has organised experiential events for entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and consultants, featuring celebrities, high profile entrepreneurs and successful people.

Lily is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker, being fluent in both English and Spanish, and having her own studio-quality microphone and webcam.

She is available on weekdays and is willing to do remote interviews.

Lily Patrascu is an ideal podcast guest, offering a unique insight into the world of personal branding, transforming books, and helping people become confident speakers.

She is a highly experienced speaker and mentor, having empowered over 10,000 people over the years.

With her wealth of knowledge, expertise, and professional background, she will be able to offer a deep and unique perspective to your podcast.