Liz Bloomfield

Nonprofit leader, passionate about creating a just world through storytelling and coaching.

About Liz Bloomfield

Liz Bloomfield is an inspiring nonprofit leader, storyteller, and coach passionate about creating a more just world where everyone thrives.

With experience in the British Army, corporate executive, and humanitarian responder roles, Liz is well-versed in understanding the importance of paying attention to what is already working and elevating local leaders in addressing global challenges.

Liz is the Executive Director of Ripple Effect Images, a nonprofit organization made up of photographers and filmmakers who shine a light on solutions empowering women and children globally.

As a member of the groundbreaking Women Emerging Virtual Expedition, she is dedicated to finding approaches to leadership that resonates with women.

Liz specializes in helping changemakers increase their impact without compromising their own wellbeing.

She is well-versed in topics such as the power of storytelling in driving change, why inclusive approaches to leadership serve everyone, and how to get out of your own way and craft a personal narrative that drives your habits and behaviors on a daily basis.

Liz Bloomfield is a dynamic speaker and coach capable of delivering an engaging and informative presentation.

With her knowledge, experience, and expertise, she is an ideal candidate to be a guest on your podcast.

She is a passionate advocate for creating a more just and equitable world, and her stories and insight can help inspire your audience to make a difference in their lives and communities.