Lou Schillaci

I'm an 8x (over the last 25 yrs) founder who now also coaches and mentors other entrepreneurs

About Lou Schillaci

About Me My forte is creating significant growth in online and technology-based corporations and start-up ventures.

Throughout my career, I have won many awards and worn multiple hats, serving as an investor, CEO, CMO and general dogsbody.

My expertise lies in assembling, leading, and managing talented, competitive, and innovative teams from start-up to investment and exit.

Achievements I take pride in my ability to help companies flourish and founders thrive.

My accomplishments include: Spearheading the growth of multiple start-ups, leading them to become multi-award-winning ventures with a positive impact on the environment, revenue and profits.

Coaching founders and guiding product development from the inception of an idea to market success.

Researching, identifying, and developing offerings, processes, and services that precisely target and satisfy customer needs.

Experienced Speaker I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and insights with others.

As a speaker, I have covered a range of topics, including: "Retailers no longer have customers, now customers have retailers." "Startup team wellbeing issues." "Living the startup life." "Startups aren't just for twenty-year-olds." Focus Areas Directing technology ventures, optimizing their performance, and driving them towards success.

Providing mentorship and entrepreneurship guidance to help individuals and teams reach their full potential.

Delivering motivational encouragement to foster a culture of growth and innovation.

Nurturing business development strategies to seize market opportunities and achieve sustainable growth.

Expertly raising capital and skillfully negotiating deals to fuel business expansion.

My Quote "Some never stop learning.

Some never stop to learn"