Lucille Divine

Let's team up to craft an amazing brand and marketing strategy that attracts customers

About Lucille Divine

Hi I'm Lucille and I help heart-centred entrepreneurs & business owners who struggle with digital marketing and techy 'know how' - to brand their business professionally.

Then mentor them, on how to develop unique online products or services that appeal to their ideal hero customers and finally take them 'to market' by helping them to launch confidently online.

I'm an award winning digital marketer known as the 'Digital Marketing Maverick' because of my cutting edge approach in Digital brand design, strategy and coaching or training.

I'm passionate about empowering my customers to become digitally active - ready to go to market with confidence and attract their hero customer to their business service or products using smart marketing techniques.

My greatest achievement was helping to educate our youth in Africa and in 2017 together with my team won the prestigious #Bookmarks2017 Awards for 'Best Contribution For Digital Transformation In The Digital Industry' - this was a #DigifyAfrica initiative sponsored by #GoogleSouthAfrica.