Macy Matarazzo

Macy helps the 40+ woman find love and create healthy relationships with a conscious, playful outlook.

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About Macy Matarazzo

Macy Matarazzo is a Love & Relationship Expert for Singles with more than 25 years of experience in the modern dating world.

She is the host of Love Vibe TV and Recipes for LOVE, and she has been featured in the New York Times, The Westword, NBC, FOX, and ArtTour International.

Macy is also a Keynote Speaker, having given talks at Ignite Denver, Women in Tech, and the IMPROV.

Macy helps single women break their painful dating cycles, offering an innovative and smart way to create a high-caliber love that lasts.

She has developed the SuperLOVED System, which helps women overcome their fears and frustrations with the modern dating world so that they can attract and create real love. 90% of the women who have implemented the system are engaged or married within six months without sacrificing their identities.

Macy is an excellent potential podcast guest, as she has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to share her expertise with listeners.

Her SuperLOVED system is a great way to help people understand how to create healthy relationships and break the cycle of failed relationships.

Her stories and strategies can help others to navigate the modern dating world and create phenomenal love.

Invite Macy to your podcast and you're sure to get a conscious, playful, and refreshing perspective on finding love and creating healthy relationships.