Mark Weisman

A Celtic-Norse Shaman in the land of the Midnight Sun

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About Mark Weisman

Mark Weisman is a modern-day Shaman and sworn 53rd generation Úlfhe∂nar to his ancestral Gods, Ó∂inn and Freyja in Asgard by Norse legend.

As a former Pastor with the Christian church, he has studied religions extensively throughout the world, and ultimately being called to a Shaman, he arrived at his cultural, spiritual home of the Celtic-Norse.

With several advanced academic degrees, he has developed successful methods of dealing with psychological trauma thereby helping his friends to build living mechanisms to get back to their lives filled with joy and comfort.

As a sworn Úlfhe∂nar, his primary mission is to use his gift from his Gods to help friends and family overcome their obstacles and see their way to a successful life’s journey.

He produces a simplistic message of love, peace, and hope, by the teaching of, and the demonstration of, the wisdom of his ancestors.