Mary Fain Brandt

LinkedIn consultant helping people connect, cultivate, & convert opportunities. I'm also a certified AI Consultant.

About Mary Fain Brandt

For over two decades, Mary has excelled as a seasoned trainer and group facilitator, amassing a wealth of experience that's as impressive as her achievements.

With a portfolio spanning over 500 clients, her ability to unlock the full potential of LinkedInis unparalleled, making her a sought-after authority in the field.

Mary's professional journey is marked by a stellar track record of transforming clients' LinkedIn profiles into powerful assets: career advancements, client acquisitions, speaking engagements, talent recruitment and more.

Yet Mary's expertise doesn't stop at LinkedIn.

She has also earned certification as an AI consultant, diving deep into the realm of artificial intelligence to provide her clients with cutting-edge insights and strategies for success.

And in March 2024 won the Women with Vision award from NAWBO.