Mayank Gangwar

Founder, Genius Words | Executive Producer & Lead Host, Dear Paarijaat Podcast Show | Author & Poet | Entrepreneur

About Mayank Gangwar

Mayank Gangwar, an international figure hailing from Pilibhit, is the visionary founder of Genius Words, a global initiative revolutionizing the world of book publishing since its establishment in June 2023.

Fueled by Mayank's own experience with the rigid structures and high prices of traditional publishing, Genius Words offers free International Book Publishing Services on 20+ platforms, challenging the norm and providing accessible avenues for writers and poets.

Mayank's multifaceted contributions extend beyond entrepreneurship.

As an author, poet, podcaster, lyricist, debater, and social entrepreneur, he has made a mark on the literary landscape.

His book, "Artistic Yogi: Journey of a Changemaker," showcases his compelling storytelling, complemented by editorial work on projects like "The Gentlemen" and translating "100 Lessons for a Successful Interracial Relationship" into Hindi.

In the realm of music, Mayank collaborated with Prakhar Chitravanshi to produce noteworthy songs, "Tera Saath" and "Angaar," available on various platforms, including Spotify.

As the Managing Editor of 'Navudaan' Magazine, an international bilingual monthly publication, Mayank amplifies the voices of changemakers.

Mayank's influence expands into podcasting, where he hosts the "Dear Paarijaat" Podcast Show, fostering engaging and insightful discussions.

His prowess in publishing is acknowledged through esteemed certificates from NotionPress, while verified author profiles on Goodreads, Amazon, AllAuthor, and LibraryThing attest to his literary impact.

Leading a dynamic team of 20+ members at Genius Words, Mayank collaborates with individuals such as Prakhar Chitravanshi, Director; Anas Ansari, Head of Book Design; and Arpit Bala Saini, a content creator and YouTuber leading marketing efforts.

Marketing Partners Saksham Gangwar and Alzama Ansari contribute to expanding the organization's reach.

Together, this team works tirelessly to bring diverse talents and creative expressions to the forefront, solidifying Genius Words as a trailblazer in the world of international book publishing.

Mayank has been featured in interviews on notable platforms like "The Duke Lott Show" and "The Relatable Voice Podcast," further solidifying his position as an influential figure in the literary and entrepreneurial spheres.