Mel Carr

Dynamic and engaging guests for your podcast: my clients are perfect!

About Mel Carr

Mel Carr is an inspirational speaker and life coach from Phoenix, United States.

She is the co-founder of the Vision Is Victory Academy (VIVA) with her daughter Carey and Laurel Wilson, a program that helps young adults find their inspirations and passions in life and follow them.

With her expertise in business, entrepreneurship, education, and self-improvement, Mel can easily relate to her audiences and motivate them to take action.

Mel is a great potential podcast guest because of her successful entrepreneurial journey and her ability to motivate and encourage others with her inspiring stories.

Her built-in microphone and webcam are perfect for remote podcast interviews.

She is available for podcasting on both weekends and weekdays.

With her commitment to follow her passions and her enthusiasm to help young adults, Mel is sure to bring a unique and insightful perspective to your podcast.