Mike Cunsolo

"Uniting brands and podcasters through storytelling and collaboration: Podcast.co & Matchmaker.fm"

About Mike Cunsolo

Mike Cunsolo is a highly experienced marketer and entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the audio industry.

He is the CMO for Podcast.co and Matchmaker.fm, working with prestigious clients such as Roc Nation, Unicef, United Nations, M&C Saatchi, Primavera Sound, and Vice Magazine.

The Guardian named Mike's company as one of the top ten hottest startups in the North.

Prior to this, Mike ran marketing at CDNify, and successfully scaled and sold the company to SSL.com.

He has also held roles in advertising agencies, creating content strategies for Nesta, Mozilla, and the Nominet Trust.

Mike has a proven track record of success and is equipped with the latest technology, including a USB/External Microphone and Webcam, as well as having a fluency in English.

His availability is flexible, with both weekend and weekday availability.

Mike is an ideal guest for any podcast, having the experience and knowledge to add value to any conversation.

With his unique background and knowledge, Mike is sure to bring a fresh perspective to your podcast and provide a unique audio experience for your audience.