Monica M

Energetic, fun, and authentic podcast host, ready to have good conversations and drive meaningful interviews.

About Monica M

Monica M is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience.

She is a Business Strategist, international podcast host, speaker, and trainer who helps her clients "get back in the game" and make a pivotal shift for a more meaningful impact, increase their financial wealth and have a life of freedom.

Monica is also an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and has co-authored two books.

Monica has two Masters degrees - a Master of Science Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and a Master of Social Work.

She also incorporates a variety of special trainings such as being a Certified Masters Level Coach, Hypnotherapy, Emotion Freedom Technique, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Emotional Intelligence to help her clients.

Monica has a passion for helping others find their authentic self, succeed, and work to their highest potential in life and business.

She is energetic, fun, direct and authentic and has her own podcast which she loves to have conversations on.

Monica is a great potential podcast guest for any interview style podcast.

Her knowledge and expertise make her a perfect choice for any show looking to bring on a guest with a unique perspective and an inspiring story.