Monique Idemudia

Maximizing Your Online Presence: Small Business Marketing Strategies from an Experienced Pro.

About Monique Idemudia

Monique Idemudia is a passionate and experienced digital marketer passionate about empowering small businesses to grow their online presence and expand their business success.

She is the founder of Dragon Digital Marketing, based in St.

Petersburg, Florida and has been helping small business owners for over 10 years.

Monique has a wealth of knowledge on small business marketing and is an expert on how to build an online presence.

She has been featured in several publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, and is an experienced podcast guest.

Monique is also an active mentor in the digital marketing community and is always excited to share her knowledge and insights.

Monique is an excellent potential guest for podcasts looking to discuss marketing and online presence strategies for small businesses.

She has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise in the field and is always eager to share her insights.

Her infectious energy and enthusiasm make her a great addition to any podcast episode.