Naranjan Nota

I help you transform from feeling overwhelmed and experiencing a lack of direction to living an expansive, meaningful, and confident life.

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About Naranjan Nota

My Vision To live a life of self-acceptance, unconditional self-love and a deeper sense of self-worth while being aligned with your inner wisdom.

My Mission To embrace the bright shining light you are, live your life karma-free and operate from your own inner compassion of wisdom and truth.

My Why To share what I know, having lived many lifetimes on earth and on other planets, and knowing all the wisdom from those incarnations are available to me, here and now, to support, lead and guide you on your soul evolutionary journey with unconditional love.

Over the last 20+ years, I have worked through doubting my decisions, feeling inferior from others, embarrassed and ashamed about who I’d become in life, impatient that life didn’t unfold as predicted by others, and worried about relationships, work and things that I couldn’t control.

But it was ultimately fear that was holding me back – keeping me small and preventing me from healing and aligning with my soul.

I truly believe I have the right amount of compassion, understanding and wisdom to support you on your journey.

The fulfilment I receive when guiding others feeds my soul and gives me confirmation that this is indeed what I’m here to do.

My purpose, passion and genuine desire are to re-connect you to your light, your soul and to help you be a bright shining light while on this beautiful planet.