Natalee Champlin

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About Natalee Champlin

Natalee Champlin, known as The Velvet Hammer, is a highly sought-after speaker, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist.

She graduated with double bachelors degrees in Business Finance and Economics from Utah State, then spent five year as Marketing Director for the award-winning Center for Entrepreneurship at the Huntsman School of Business.

She sold her first online business before the age of 30, and has since consulted for hundreds of clients in starting and growing profitable organizations and has led them to six-figure results.

Natalee has been featured in Michael Hyatt’s New York Times best-selling book Your Best Year Ever, and in 2018 she was voted in as Season 3 host of the Mentee Podcast.

Natalee is an expert in brand positioning, strategy, workplace culture, marketing to millionaires, entrepreneurship for non-business CEOs, blue ocean strategy and more.

With her extensive experience and knowledge, Natalee can provide valuable insights and actionable advice to your podcast listeners.

Natalee has a wide range of topics she can discuss such as “How Small Businesses Can Add Six-figures In Revenue in 90 Days”, “4 Steps To Be Unstoppable in 2022 In Work and Life”, “The Only 3 Things That Keep Entrepreneurs Stuck”, and “How to Find and Focus On $1,000/hr Priorities”.

Natalee is equipped with a studio-quality microphone and webcam, and is available for in-person or remote interviews.

Natalee is the perfect guest for your podcast to help accelerate your listeners' businesses, without putting more on their plate.

She is an expert in the topics of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship and can provide invaluable advice to your listeners.

Invite Natalee on your show and help your listeners take their businesses to the next level.