Nichole Hamilton

"Creating a world of healing for children through Kids Coaching with passionate commitment"

About Nichole Hamilton

Nichole Hamilton is a passionate Kids Coach from Adelaide, Australia.

She is dedicated to creating a world full of Kidz Coaches, and talks all things children, motherhood, parenting, conscious parenting, healing trauma in children, holding safe spaces, family therapy, teaching parents to use words more carefully, and how to fill your own cup.

With a background in Hypnotherapy, Nichole is a recovered Ice addict and is bi-sexual, married to a woman, with a rainbow baby and three kids, one with Autism.

Nichole has a wealth of experience and knowledge on these topics and is open to discussing any and all topics related to children.

She is available for remote interviews on weekdays and weekends.

She is equipped with a USB/External Microphone, Webcam, and is fluent in English.

Nichole Hamilton is the perfect podcast guest!

With her unique story and background, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to any podcast.

Her mission to create a world full of Kidz Coaches is inspiring and her ability to discuss any and all topics related to children makes her an asset to any podcast.

She is open, honest, and provides great insight into the topics of parenting, family therapy, conscious parenting, and healing trauma in children.

Book her today for a unique and insightful guest experience!