Olivier & Jordan Bessaignet

"Exploring Intimacy & Conscious Communication through 20 years of Tantra, NVC, IFS and Mankind Project."

About Olivier & Jordan Bessaignet

Olivier and Jordan Bessaignet are an inspiring couple based in Reno, United States, passionate about relationships and conscious communication.

With a 25 year age difference, this couple has made it through 7 heart-shattering breakups to create their own framework of successful relationships which is based on 20 years of experience in Tantra, Nonviolent Communication, Mankind Project and IFS (internal Family Systems).

Both Olivier and Jordan are fluent in English and French and have a range of interests from relationships and sexuality to self-improvement and books.

They are very well equipped with a Studio Quality Microphone and a Webcam and are available on weekdays for remote recording sessions.

They also have a podcast excerpt on Conscious Complaining which can be found on their website.

Olivier and Jordan are great potential podcast guests due to their vast experience and expertise on topics related to relationships, conscious communication, self-improvement and intimacy.

They are able to provide valuable information and practical exercises which are always well structured and accompanied by handouts.

Through their podcast, they provide a platform to discuss topics which are often overlooked and to help people become better at relationships.

Their inspiring story and passion for relationships make them a great addition to any podcast.